Wild Tulips 1, 18 September to 19 October 2019
‘Standing Stones’, oil on canvas by John Robinson. ‘Hung for plants’, tempera on acetate by Anne-Marie McKee
‘Woman in the Background’ and ‘Sister in Hallway. Drawings from archive photographs, graphit on paper by Mhairi Sutherland.
Detail from ‘Woman in Background’ by Mhairi Sutherland
Detail of ‘Sister in Hallway’ by Mhairi Sutherland
‘sketch for no’, oil on canvas by Damien Duffy
‘sketch for no’ and ‘the fallen’, steel plinth and tin foil hat, by Damien Duffy
‘the fallen’ steel plinth and tin foil hat by Damien Duffy
Wild Tulips 1 exhibition 18 September to 19 October 2019
‘Supporting Cast’ by Aimee Melaugh and ‘Hung for plants’ by Anne-Marie McKee
‘t.w.k.i.t.n.a.c.n.i.t.m. #1’ Lightbox with digital print from medium format slide film by Paola Bernardelli
‘Supporting Cast’ oil on canvas by Aimee Melaugh
Detail of ‘Supporting Cast’ by Aimee Melaugh